51credit.com, the leading personal financial portal in China.

General situation

In November 2005, 51credit.com was born in Beijing as the first power of internet personal financial service provider in China. After eight years development, 51credit.com has grown as the backbone of this industry, which is in the leading position in the field of third party personal financial credit, and plays a leading role.


At present, 51credit.com has established cooperative relations closely with more than 20 banks and financial institutions, including Guangdong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, and GMAC, etc.


51credit.com has deep experiences of risk management in credit card industry, passed VerSign top security certification application system. As the authority integrated services platform of credit industry, 51credit.com provides users with personal financial products and services such as credit card application, small loans, and credit investment, etc. Meanwhile, as the financial media platform, 51credit.com provides service of information distribution, advertising, and finance marketing for banks and financial institutions.

Unique feature

 51credit.com insists on ploughing Internet finance area, missions to push the development of internet personal financial industry, and innovates products and services persistently. In 2013, 51credit.com made a comprehensive revision and upgrade, the brand new appearance of 51credit.com will provide individual users and financial clients more quality services.
As the most valuable personal financial portal in China, 51credit.com has the most partners of bank and other financial institution and the largest market share of third party credit card and mortgage. It provides hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet/mobile Internet users with personal financial services, and has already become the first choice of financial integration marketing platform.


51credit.com provides an advanced, outstanding training environment. The strategy of cultivating talented staff realized the synchronous developing of staff and the company. For those who are working in the financial industry, 51credit.com is an excellent choice, it will be the first step on your path to be a financial experts!


· 2013 "春晖 cup China oversea students network video innovation outstanding new product"
· 2012 by Beijing Zhongguancun enterprises credit promotion association awarded as the "member enterprise”
· 2012 by iResearch awarded as “2012 first half year the best 10 user viscosity independent financial website”
· 2012 by iResearch awarded as “2011 the best 10 financial website”
· 2011 founder TuZhiYun was awarded by China CITIC Bank private bank center as the "expert committee"
· 2010 by China talent development foundation awarded as "腾飞 prize"
· 2010 founder TuZhiYun was awarded as “distinguished experts” by central government 1000 experts plan
· 2009 by China Venture awarded as "the most promising CVAwards 100 enterprise"
· 2008 by China Entrepreneur magazine awarded as "the most growth of the emerging enterprises"
· 2008 by Sohu focus.cn awarded as "China's real estate brand 2007 financial services companies"
· 2007 by Business Weekly awarded as "China fast growth 100 company"
· 2006 by Beijing Youth daily/Western Returned Scholars Association awarded as "top ten returnees of venture ”
· 2005 by Zhongguancun science park management committee awarded as " outstanding enterprises "

"Your company has become the leader of credit card marketing in China, and at the same time you have deep experiences of risk management in credit card industry, I believe you can achieve it. You already have a plan, I hope I have the opportunity to help you build a great company".

——John Dean (Chairman of Silicon Valley Bank) to the founder of 51credit.com Mr. TuZhiYun, on January 10, 2005
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